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45,000 feet is the highest altitude at which clouds normally form

Dreams of Clouds

Clouds. We used to lay on our backs in the grass on a summer day and dream shapes out of the clouds overhead. An elephant. A dragon. A kitty cat. Now we hear about the "Cloud" and how we have to move to it. But is it just a dream?

You had a dream. You built it and they came.
Now you're the victim of your own success. The systems you started with can't sustain your growth much less take you to the next level of the stratosphere. The cloud can. 45000 Feet can help you deploy your successful app into the cloud where its growth is only limited by your next successful dream.
Faster! It has to go faster!

The clarion call of your users. They want your content, your app, your services, and they want them yesterday. Can you get your data into their hands in the blink of an eye - or at the tap of a finger? The cloud can. 45000 Feet can show you how to implement content delivery networks, elastic server capacity, and scalable database architecture to exceed the ever increasing expectations of your users.

Marketing wants to set up a blog.

Finance is looking to set up a trial pilot of a new system. And your in-house development staff just let you know that they need a full copy of the production system to test the latest builds against. Yesterday. Can you address all your business needs while keeping the wheels on the day-to-day? The cloud can. 45000 Feet can help your internal IT staff address the pressures of conflicting internal priorities using easily managed cloud resources.

Dreams can be nightmares, too.

Ever been asked to budget IT resources for a need defined as "It depends?" Is your standard operating procedure "make it work with whatever server it'll fit on?" Can you continue to support your business and reduce your IT budget by 25% or more? The cloud can. 45000 Feet can show you how to reduce or eliminate capex and give even better support to your business needs by leveraging the cost-savings of the cloud.

In the end, it's the same thing. We still lay in the grass on a summer day and dream up visions in the clouds. Now let's make those dreams real.

What is it, exactly, that we do?

AWS Consulting Services

Cloud Architecture Planning

Cloud computing in general and Amazon Web Services (AWS) specifically can help reduce costs and improve performance in most IT divisions but we don't assume that's the case. We start engagements with a thorough survey and assessment of your existing systems and infrastructure.

If you're regularly overtaxing your current hardware with spike demand, elastic computing combined with autoscaling policies may be able to help relieve the stress. On-demand dynamic provisioning can speed up pilot programs or beta projects and bring them to market more quickly. Traditional disaster recovery and highly available systems can be prohibitively expensive. 45000 Feet can show you how to implement these critical IT services well within your budget.

Cloud Migration Services

Migrating your existing systems to Amazon Web Services doesn't require an overhaul to your code base. Our strategy is to quickly provide cost and performance benefits by identifying those systems which would have the greatest impact.

Most systems can be done in a "lift-and-shift" method - simply migrating the application as is. While this can be a straightforward execution, it doesn't take advantage of the capabilities of AWS's infrastructure and services. 45000 Feet understands how various services can be brought into play to vastly improve your systems' performance.

Managed Cloud Services

Managing an infrastructure on Amazon Web Services can be significantly different from traditional datacenter management. If you're ready to go to the cloud but your internal IT staff isn't, 45000 Feet can help the transition.

We explicitly design systems which are elastic, redundant, and highly available. With inherent recovery and reliability tactics we can plan and execute a DR strategy with much faster recovery time objectives (RTOs) than possible in a traditional on-premises or co-located datacenter.

Project Consulting

Not ready to dive into the deep end of the cloud? Have an immediate or short term need for resources? Need to deploy a system but your IT procurement cycle is months long? We can help you set up for a high-traffic marketing blitz, a soft product launch, or a system migration test easily and cost-effectively.

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